San Francisco; Amour Propre began  with a mission to help children to help others understand the significant  affect that bullying can have. 

Amour Propre's mission is to act as a change agent and provide outreach in schools and communities on anti-bullying. They have developed a new approach in creating walking billboards in the form of clothing to broadcast this important message. Amour Propre wants to take a different approach by providing people  the means to visually express their stance in the anti-bullying campaign. Amour Propre clothing will shine a light on the act of bullying in schools and communities.

Amour Propre means having self-love, self-respect. The philosophy behind it is simple; be comfortable in your own skin. Self-Acceptance. 

"Imagine living in a world where the cool thing is being cool to others for who they are and not what they are trying to be." -Amour Propre