Amour Propre Founder Calvin Rafah In The Netherlands Guest Speaking at The International Edith Stein College in Mrs Bennet English Class age Group (15/16 year olds) to Raise Awareness on Anti-bullying & Self-Love






Amour Propre Sponsors  Castro Valley High School Cheerleaders





Amour Propre Hosts the Bully Project

On February 28th from 6pm-8pm at Las Positas College, Amour Propre hosted an event that  focused on the topic of bullying. The event  consisted of a screening of the documentary BULLY followed by guest speakers. Afterward there was an open forum to discuss the subject matter. Our goals for the "Bully Project " event were simple, but bold; to raise awareness and to promote greater participation and interest on the topic of bullying within our community.






Little Heroes

Amour Propre ended up in San Jose, California in order to collaborate with a peer mentorship program by the name of "Little HEROES." Little HEROES program is to empower, mentor, and build leaders of the future. They believe that inclusion and self direction are key components in helping the youth become young leaders at school and key factors in the community. Little HEROES main focus is to create a sense of confidence and ownership in youth and provide outlets to help mentor and guide them. We sat down with Coach Jarzzale Beeks, co-founder of Little HEROES, to discuss ways we can help increase awareness on the subject of bullying and acceptance. Amour Propre has a great deal of respect for Coach Jarzzale Beeks and The Little HEROES program for shaping up the youth community in a positive way, for they are the future leaders of the world.





Stand For The Silent

We are proud to say that we got the privilege and opportunity to offer a helping hand to an anti-bullying organization from Sacramento that goes by the name of “Stand for the Silent." Amour Propre attended a screening of the documentary “Bully.” It was followed by a guest lecture by SUTTER Health Center staff Psychologist Jenny Cartinella who addressed the causes and consequences of bullying. This event inspired us to hold a screening of the documentary “Bully”  in late February of 2014. Our goals for this event is simple, but bold: to raise anti-bullying efforts within our community, to promote greater participation, awareness, and interest in anti-bullying and by doing so, to strengthen the anti-bullying movement. 





AAFTAB Medical Center

As Amour Propre’s crusade against Bullying continues, we continuously meet new and interesting people in the Bay Area community. One of our projects here at Amour Propre is to compile an anthology of stories about successful individuals who were bullied as children and/or as adults. We recently collaborated with the passionate doctors and nurses at AAFTAB Medical Center. They empowered and filled us with joy. Many of them provided us with stories and anecdotes from their lives about how, even though they were bullied, they persevered. As we continue to connect with more individuals and groups in the Bay Area community, it is becoming clearer that bullying has negatively impacted many lives and those same people would like to help us curb the impact. There have been many causes in this country in the past and the present. However, bullying is a civil rights issue that affects those of all walks of life, of all genders, age, ethnicity, or religion. It must stop NOW. Our generation has the power and means to do just that. We have information and technology on our side - the only other things we need is COMPASSION & COMMITMENT. Become a part of the movement. Join Amour Propre and help turn the tide of society. If you have ever been bullied or been a bully in any way, it is your duty to help. The time and energy you put into this movement is going to actually change lives. Stand up with us and we will help provide every kid who is bullied in school, the confidence to stand up for them selves.




UC Berkeley

Amour Propre is a rapidly growing company with an overflow of invites to events in the community. Although we would love to be involved with all events- we are drawn to the events that serve with a parallel message. Our involvement is inclusive of our time and resources which entail free Videography and other company services. We recently received a very heartfelt and touching Message from Mikayla - A strong woman voicing a cause for a generation and creating a movement for change. Our acceptance connected us to UC Berkeley Memorial Stadium. Mikayla represents a change agent and is responsible for creating "We A.R.E. PRIDE" (Athletes Reaching Equality) . We mirror Mikayla stance in fighting for equality in the past, present and future. We applaud her participation and efforts in the PRIDE event. We are in awe of her fearless and restlessness fight for the rights of self and others. We need more individuals like Cal basketball player Mikayla Simone Lyles to make a difference. She is one step closer to equal rights and the reason voices are heard.